Business Headshots

Staff headshot bookings can be on-location at your office or another location of your choice. For  remote staff, new hires, or small teams, my Peel Street Studio in Gisborne is available for sessions.

White Background
Anna Head Shot_Capture0026-1_small.jpg
_GHP2978_sm .jpg
gwenda hs whit.jpg

A professional headshot photograph can also be used with your social media and is an essential key element in building your personal or company brand. Your LinkedIn & social media profile image is often the first thing that your clients will see, and making an excellent first impression is extremely important for you and your business.

Custom Colour Background

Headshots On Coloured Backgrounds

A sample images showing how we can photograph on a white background and add colour to your corporate headshots against any of the many background colours available.

We can also match the colours in your logo.

Office Background

We can take individual headshots and add office style images as the background if you look for branding that captures a team environment.

Office Gground 1.jpg
office background 2.jpg
Composite Group By Department 
Composit group image. SocialmediaWeb.jpg

The people in these images were photographed individually and then carefully merged to create a composite group photo.


Benefits in creating a composite staff group photograph.

  • Individual staff headshots are merged to create a new composite image, which allows for different team images.


  • Any new staff members can be photographed and added to create a new group image without all the other staff members having to be photographed again.


  • Leaving staff can be removed so the company profile will always be up to date.

Composite Custom Background 

The group photo background can be against almost any colour, such as the colours of your branding. Alternatively, a photograph like an office scene or local landscape, or you can use your own office as a background.

como 2.jpg
group composite 1.jpg
For more information on how I can help you streamline your staff headshot booking and minimise work disturbance contact me today.

Available for conferences in Gisborne, BOP & Rotorua 

Other Complementary Services 

  • Retouching - Skin, flyaway hairs etc.

  • File Organization - Organized alphabetically by the last name

  • On-Site Image Selection - Each person selects their best image

  • Hair & Makeup - Touch up and do ups

  • Source adobe stock office images for use

  • Professional Portraits in your office environment

  • Adding and removing staff members for up to date profiles